Venum Speed Bag Skintex Leather Black/ice

Brand: Venum Product Number: 111662-M
Size: M
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Product Details

'- Premium Skintex leather for extreme durability.
- Balanced design with long-lasting bladder for optimal rebounds.
- 2 sizes available: M=15cm / L=18cm.
- Handmade in Thailand.
- Brand : Venum
- SKU : EU-VENUM-1174mp with needle
- Suitable for light practice

The Venum "Speed Bag" benefits from a shaped and balanced design.
Assuring optimal rebounds and fast recoiling the Venum "Speed Bag" helps to develop lighting fast reflexes, improve your quickness and hand-eye coordination. With their two different sizes, the long-life inner bladders allow you to meet any and all of your speed bag needs.
Made of top grade Skintex leather, reinforced seams and robust lacing, the Venum "Speed Bag" is built to last.

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