Stiga Pro Carbon Plus CYBERSHAPE® - 5-Star

Brand: Stiga Product Number: 113236
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  • Article number: 1215-0401-35
    Weighed Separately For Individual Orders: No
    Approved For Official Competitions :Yes
    Approved By ITTF: Yes
    Player Level:5-Star
    Shape: Cybershape 
    Surface :Permanently Glued Rubbers
    Product Line : Cybershape
    Technologies: STIGA Star Series 5-Star 2,0mm Rubber, WRB, ACS, Crystal, NCT-Nano, TCT

Top Features:

  • 5-star table tennis bat featuring a blade in the perfect combination of 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fibre, with the unique Cybershape design.
  • Suitable for those who want more speed and feeling in the game.
  • Touch Carbon technology gives you a larger optimized sweet spot, more control, and a better contact area.
  • This is STIGA’s first table tennis bat in the Pro Carbon family that has the unique
  • Cybershape design – a brand-new, patent-pending, pattern-protected shape optimized for maximum hitting surface.
  • ITTF-approved STAR5 rubber for competitive play.
  • The revolutionary design allows easier customization of your bat angle to achieve the desired spin when serving.
  • Supplied in exclusive packaging that’s also ideal as a bat cover.

Are you looking for a complete table tennis bat that delivers speed? Our first Cybershape bat in the Pro Carbon family sets a whole new standard in the pre-glued bat segment. Pro Carbon+ Cybershape is a unique, 5-star table tennis bat for those who want an offensive bat with high speed. The blade is fashioned in 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fibre. The optimized hitting surface of the Cybershape design is larger in comparison to the traditional blade shape. The two carbon-fibre layers are created with Touch Carbon technology to give you the ultimate bat in excellent quality. The lightweight and technologically advanced carbon fibre compensates for the somewhat larger blade, which means that STIGA's Cybershape design doesn’t weigh more despite the larger total surface area.
The blade works in perfect harmony with the concave handle and the ITTF-approved STAR5 rubber, which clearly contributes to improved control and better play. The STAR5 rubber is the STAR series' most advanced and is designed to help you achieve more speed. This is STIGA's fastest table tennis bat, hands down! But that’s not all. Your return play will be closer to the table, with a full 6.5 cm of hitting surface compared to 2.5 cm for a traditional round blade.
Our research shows that for the majority of players, the optimal hitting area lies in the upper half of the blade. That's why we wanted to create an easy-to-play bat that will also take your game to the next level. Cybershape offers a larger hitting surface in the upper section of the blade and reduced hitting surface on the lower blade. This means that the blade is not too top-heavy, thus offering perfect balance together with the ultimate sweet spot. With Cybershape Future 5-star, we're challenging the limits of table tennis technology to bring you something completely new. Take your game to new heights!

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