Shocker EPepper Akis Taser + Tear Gas Canister - 2 in 1

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The Taser E-Pepper is a complete and very discreet anti-aggression weapon
Akis has well thought out the Shocker E-Pepper to be a most complete self-defense weapon. This taser + tear gas can handle most dangerous situations you might find yourself in.
It allows you to choose the appropriate means of defense during the attack, electric shocker or pepper spray. And as everything fits in one hand, you can switch from one defense to another with simple finger pressure.
With a neat appearance, the E-Pepper taser is made of ABS, a polymer (plastic) very resistant to shocks, allowing a soft and pleasant grip. Its design does not suggest its impressive self- defense power. Its cubic shape is reminiscent of a classic and harmless flashlight that will surprise any aggressor.
When entering a dark or at-risk area, you can use the flashlight function with its 130 Lumens LED to light your way. If an attacker emerges from the darkness, he will not be suspicious of your Tazer E-pepper, believing that the object only has the function of a flashlight. It is at this precise moment that you could make him regret having chosen you as a target!
The 2 advantages of the E-Pepper shocker: defense up close AND from afar:
In the event of an attack, the shocker + tear gas E-Pepper therefore offers you two different ways of defending yourself.
If the assailant is still at a distance, the pepper spray contained in the tear gas canister will allow you to create an irritating cloud which will stop him in his tracks by suffocation. If the aggressor is more pressing and continues to advance despite this tear gas, you can then use the shocker at close range and put him out of harm's way thanks to the 4,500,000 Volts of this ultra-powerful taser that looks like so harmless (the E-Pepper shocker is no bigger than a small pack of cigarettes).
Good to know: sometimes it is not necessarily from the human being that the threat could come but from a stray dog for example... In this case, it is the tear gas canister integrated into the device which will protect you from this kind of attack. Indeed, it is filled with a gas added with OC pepper with a concentration of 10% (legal maximum). You should know that the pepper added to the gas immediately scares away any aggressive animal, much more than a traditional tear gas.
Instructions for use of the multifunctional Shocker E-Pepper:
Before the first use of your taser, it is imperative to charge it for approximately 6 hours with the supplied USB cable. The USB plug can be connected either to your computer or to the mains with any adapter (not supplied) such as that of your Smartphone. The shocker connection socket is located below.
NOTE: Do not activate the Shocker when it is connected under load.

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