Unisex Roller Guards Protection LP-630

Brand: Kepai Product Number: 111628-M
Size: M
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Product Details

Supplied with 2 x knee pads, 2 x elbow pads, 2 x wrist guards
Protection for rollerblading, skateboards, scooters, bicycles KEPAI LP-630.
Supplied with knee, elbow and wrist protectors. The protective cups are made of durable plastic, the lining is made of dense polyester. Fastening protectors are made of elastic polyester equipped with Velcro.
- Anatomically shaped protection provides comfort and reliability.
-In the upholstery, a mesh material is used that perfectly wicks moisture away.
- Velcro fastening, simple and convenient.

- Sizes: M, L.
- Fastening: elastic Velcro straps.
- Material: polyester, plastic, moisture-wicking mesh material.
- Brand: KEPAI

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