Portable 4 in 1 Fitness Push Up Board

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Multifunctional Push-Up Handle:

  • Adjustable bracket Innovative design.
  • Adjustable grip distance 90°-180°, each gear is 18°.
  • 360° Adjustable angle push-up handle, exercise different muscle groups.
  • Hidden pulley at the bottom, converts to Ab roller exercise equipment for core workout.

Suitable for any level: Perform perfect push-ups, combined with a resistance band set that guides you through standard strength training, resistance exercise and cardio for the most efficient workout.

High Quality Materials: Exercise equipment with good stability and weight-bearing capacity. Large bottom suction cups and circular non-slip mats for various venues and strong grip.

All-In-One Home Fitness Equipment System: Through different combinations, you can achieve the effect of a mini-gym (For example, in business travel, at home, office, and hotel).

Installation and Precautions: The sit-up bar should be installed on a smooth and sturdy ground.

  • Wipe the suction cups and clean the ground before installation.
  • Put it flat and lift the bar 90° upward. Bar Height: 19 cm
  • After installation and fixing, fix the elastic band on the bracket and use it for exercise. Put your foot on the Removable push-up plate to prevent accidents.

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