Molten Football Uefa Pu Leather Latex Bladder White Size 5

Brand: Molten Product Number: 111603
$82.99 $106.99

Product Details

The official match ball of the uefa europa league 2018-2019, to be used in the group stages.

ACENTEC structure
- Moltenunique cross fusion bonding technology produces a smooth, seamless cover that cannot be accomplished by hand sewing.
- The result is a uniform surface and reduced water absorption, ensuring exceptional performance that is not affected by weather conditions.
- Surface that enhances the flight stability
- The dimples on the surface of the ball reduce turbulence and stabilize it while in flight. This enhances ball control, resulting in more accurate passes and shots.
- Exclusive Design for the League
- The UEFA Europa League brand identity represents the journey of the clubs throughout Europe, expressing the highs and lows of the thrilling adventure.
- The energy wave has been integrated into Molten signature style to create a unique and exclusive design and laid out to increase visual recognition.

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