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With the LiveUp Pedal Exerciser LS9055 you can pedal sitting on a chair or on a sofa. It is practical and can also used for exercising the arms. It can also be used by placing the product on a table or support.

A low impact gentle way of exercising with power adjustment and an adjustable tension knob to allow varying intensities of training.

It can be transported easily and takes up little space.

Good for exercise and to rehabilitate arms and legs.

What is the Pedal Exercise?
The Pedal Exercise can be used on a table top as an arm exerciser or on the floor to exercise the legs. Convenient tension control knob allows a broad range of pedal resistance for a progressive exercise program. The straps help to hold the feet firmly to the pedals.

Who can use the Pedal Exerciser?
Ideal for those who cannot use conventional exercise equipment.
Elders and those recuperating from injuries.

How does the Pedal Exerciser work?
Use for hand / arm and leg strengthening
Use on table top or on the floor
Adjustable torque resistance

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Nadine Mehanna
Intensity Level

The intensity level is the same and even if I try to change it it stays the same. This is something I was expecting to have. Other than that I like it

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