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  • Kettler Fitmaster strength station - compact strength station for beginners
  • All-round training potential - allows strength training for the whole body
  • Butterfly, chest press, lat pull, leg curl and cable device
  • Great comfort through The three-piecee and adjustable backrest
  • The Fitmaster strength station is only 2 metres in height - very space-economicals design
  • The strength station includes a 60kg weight stack
  • Grading in 12 x 5kg steps
  • A lats rod, hand and foot loops as well as a bicep/tricep bar are included
  • Max. user weight: 130 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Kettler Fitmaster Home Gym: (L) 170 cm x (W) 109 cm x (H) 200 cm
  • Weight stack 60kg (12 x 5)
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

The Kettler Fitmaster strength station is ideal for beginners to strength training. The compact strength station allows you an all-round and intensive workout for the whole body and, as such, helps you reach your personal training goals.

A lats pull tower, butterfly/bench press station, leg extension, hand/foot loop for different cable pull exercises and a biceps curl bar enable a very varied muscle training routine. Through the weight stack with 60kg in 5 kg increments, is a training for every ability level and can be designed very individually.

The strength station backrest is in three parts as well as height adjustable, so that you can always select the suiting adjustment for your training or your body. Moreover, the Fitmaster strength station from Kettler is just 2 metres high and can, as such, find room in the smallest spaces. The 60kg weight stack, the lats-rod, hand and foot loop and a bicep/tricep rod are included.

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