INDOOR Table Tennis Table Standard Indoor 4 7132-900

Brand: Kettler Product Number: 113116
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Kettler has designed for the trend sport table tennis table, ambitious players or table tennis enthusiasts families can work out every season with. This model is equipped with the new innovative Ball boxes on each plate half. Each ball box there is space for 2 and more balls. The ball is output easily with one hand and by the side door, the balls are filled equally comfortable. The elastic mount on net post provides multi-functional storage facilities, such as bat and bottles. Off-Road wheels ensure good grip when pushing. The curved surface makes the rotation in place easier. With these wheels, the table can be transported with more comfort on wet or uneven surfaces. Parking brakes on each side of the power pole ensure Additional Services security when playing. Kettler table tennis Indoor 4 is adjustable in height. Height adjustment is carried out on each foot of the plate and gives a firm grip even on uneven surfaces. Removable Edge Protector protects the plate during transport and Oberscchenkel the concentricity. The mounting plate disappears in the interior.

Product Features :
  • Brand: Kettler
  • Model Number: 07132-900
  • Type: Tennis Equipment
  • Color: Gray and Blue
  • Target Group: Unisex
  • Playback position: Yes
  • Cross bracing between the feet : Yes
  • Pipe Design: Oval tube
  • Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Network permanently installed: Yes
  • Net height adjustable: Yes
  • Off-road rollers: Yes
  • Plate Thickness: 2.2 cm
  • Pipe Diameter: 4.5 x 1.7 cm
  • Details: Removable bumper protection for field corners
  • Ball box on both disc halves
  • Flexi band storage possibility on net posts

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