Everlast Pear-Shaped Punching Bag Everhide Speed Bag

Brand: Everlast Product Number: 111638
$76.00 $92.00

Product Details

The Pear-Shaped Punching Bag Everlast Everhide Speed Bag will help you improve your hands and get the most out of each and every practice session. The durable carbon fiber (Durahide), reinforced lacing and strong seams make this punching bag extra solid, allowing for a long service life. This pear-shaped bag is perfectly shaped and balanced, allowing for precise bouncing off the board. You can inflate this punching bag (at the bottom) using a pump with a needle. The Pear-Shaped Punching Bag Everlast Everhide Speed Bag is suitable for light practice.

Technical description:
- Extremely fast punching bag
- Long service life
- Reinforced lacing
- Strong seams
- Material: carbon fiber (Durahide)
- Height: 25cm
- Diameter: 14cm
- Circumference: 45cm (at widest point)
- Weight: 180g
- Inflation method: pump with needle
- Suitable for light practice

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