Electric Taser Stun Gun With Torch Model Police

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Electric stunner with truncheon with torch, Military model Police 1118 Type with current discharge of 1,800,000 volts. able to ground any size of aggressor both human and animal. Instrument designed for professional and military use is waterproof made of aeronautical aluminum and works with a group of long life lithium batteries (100,000 hours of life) rechargeable via cable supplied. Its 3 functions are:

Led flashlight = Xenon Cree with 1000 lumens develops a strong light beam at long distance and low power consumption;
aeronautical aluminum baton = it is a robust and effective personal defense tool;
stunner = with a powerful discharge of 1,800,000 volts (1800 kv)
The handle is ergonomic anti-slip with metal clip for easy attachment to the belt or other. This club-stunner-torch is used in particular by law enforcement agencies. Excellent for personal defense even against large animals. The instructions are in English but inside you will find warnings and advice for use in Italian. Produced by the UZI

  • Body material: black aeronautical aluminum
  • Output power: 1,800,000 volts
  • Light type: Xenon Cree bulb 1000 lumens long distance and low power consumption
  • Power supply: lithium battery long life (100,000 hours of life) rechargeable with cable to the mains
  • Length: 51 cm.
  • Width: 4 cm.
  • Weight: 460 gr
  • Accessories: metal clip for easy attachment

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