Drop Shot Puree Drive Padel Racket

Brand: Drop Shot Product Number: 112917

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Drop Shot Pure Drive LTD
It is a model with a clear offensive cut thanks to its round oversize format, medium balance, outstanding sweet spot and high ability to stretch the power range.
It is intended for a wide range of players thanks to its versatility where control and power come together to achieve outstanding performance.
  • TWIN TUBULAR SYSTEM: All our carbon frame rackets are made with double tubular carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with maximum durability resins, giving homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, so energy is not lost from the frame distortion hit.
  • CARBON 3000: Carbon with 3000 monofilaments per carbon thread that provides a stable rigidity to the plane and allows you to enjoy a uniform hit.
  • EVA SOFT: It is a rubber whose main property is great elasticity and lightness, providing greater power and a wider sweet spot with greater comfort in the game, due to its elasticity. Drop Shot rackets with Eva Soft have greater durability, a better finish on the racket and very good vibration absorption.
  • 3D FACE: 3D rhomboid-shaped texture, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to provide greater spin to the ball in shots where maximum spin must be given to the ball, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.
  • CORK CUSHION GRIP: Anti-vibration system, which combined with the other systems we provide, make our rackets ideal for players who suffer from chronic injuries. It consists of a cork sheet located in the grip area, thus preventing vibrations from reaching the player's hand.
  • SMART HOLE SYSTEM:Hole distribution system on the face of the racket, curved, progressive and that provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give effect to the ball and improving vibration reduction.
  • SILICONE GRIP CHANNEL: A channel in the handle of the racket, where a piece of silicone with a 2 mm super-absorbent cork coating is inserted, to reduce vibrations right in the area where the player takes the racket. Drop Shot rackets, with this technology, allow you to enjoy a safer and more enjoyable game.

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