Aqua Speed Verso Kickboard Blue 42 Cm

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Product Details

'- Fabric EVA Injection
- Packaging Polybag
- Dimensions 42cm x 28cm
- Hardness (Shore scale) 26 C
- Material: Durable EVA Foam
The new tricolour VERSO kickboard from Aquaspeed is our most versatile swimming aid, which will perform excellently not only during swim training but also as an accessory for use in aqua aerobics or even rehabilitation exercises.

Made from high-density, lightweight, very durable and tactile EVA foam, the Verso kickboard is characterised by excellent buoyancy and has a classic, simple design featuring 4 holes, which serve as handles. These enable the user to comfortably and securely hold the kickboard while swimming, and to isolate the upper or lower body. This helps when training for leg strength, as well as for overall stamina. It also makes it easier to maintain the correct body position while swimming.

As well as for swim training, the Verso kickboard is suitable for other water activities, such as aqua aerobics. The kickboard can be used for exercising other parts of the body, not just the legs. Children and people who are just beginning their adventure with swimming and who want to build confidence in water will find the comfortable grips helpful.

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