Aqua Speed Unisex Swimming Goggles X-PRO

Brand: Aqua Speed Product Number: 111896-05
Color: White & Blue
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Product Details

'- Material: Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)
- Belt adjustment system: Easy adjust
- Package Cassette
- Anti-Fog surface: Yes
- UV filter: Yes
X-PRO single-body swimming goggles are made of extremely soft, flexible and non-toxic silicone, additionally the seal is made of silicone pressed with the LSR technique (Liquid Silicone Rubber). It provides the highest comfort of use, guarantees durability and life of the glasses, minimizing the effect of material aging. LSR is also high resistance to damage and a guarantee of maintaining flexibility lost as a result of high and low temperatures and UV rays. The lenses of the X-Pro glasses are made of resistant to damage and scratching polycarbonate (Hard High Grade Polycarbonate) with an anti-fog surface and a UV filter.
The modern shape ensures a low air volume inside the glasses. In combination with the properties of LSR silicone, it makes the X-PRO glasses easily latch on and adapts to many face shapes. The location of the glasses of the glasses close to the eyes and their shape accelerate the flow of water around the glasses, maximize the field of view and minimize the effect of image distortion both above and below the water. Easy Clip fasteners allow you to quickly, easily and conveniently adjust the belt tension. The flexible fastening of the strap clasp ensures its natural position and minimizes discomfort and stress on the glasses. Available in several interesting color combinations, the X-Pro glasses are a great choice for both teenagers and adults.

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