Aqua Speed Unisex Swimming Goggles Raptor Black Green

Brand: Aqua Speed Product Number: 111752
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'- Raptor swimming goggles with tinted lenses are perfect for swimming both in the pool and in open waters.
- Curved lenses provide a wide field of view, and a soft silicone gasket guarantees comfort of use and tightness.
- The split belt in the middle is adjustable with easy-to-use, precise adjusters that allow it to quickly fit to the head and the stability of the glasses while flowing.
- The unique design and selection of colors make Raptor glasses an excellent choice for both women and men who want to stand out in the pool.
Key features:
- Anti-fog coating and UV filter
- Comfortable, decorated soft silicone gasket
- Frame and lenses made of damage-resistant plastic
- Comfortable and easy to use strap adjusters

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