Aqua Speed 5 Pieces Swimming Belt

Brand: Aqua Speed Product Number: 111764-BLUE
Color: Blue
Layer 1
Layer 1
$15.00 $23.00
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Product Details

'- Fabric EVA Injection
- Intended for children weighing 18-30 kg
- Dimensions (15 x 7 x 4,5 cm) x 5
- Hardness (Shore scale) 20 C

The 5 Piece Floatation Belt from Aquaspeed is made from highest quality soft, but highly durable EVA foam. It is an excellent product for children who are only just starting their adventure with water and for parents who want to boost the confidence of their children in water.

The 5 Piece Floatation Belt from Aquaspeed helps in maintaining the proper position during exercises and fun and thanks to its constrution is compact, easy to use and transport. The floatation belt ensures excellent buoyancy and helps the child stay on the surface in order to develop proper swimming habits and in order for the child to feel safe during first contacts with water.

The belt is supposed to be worn around the waist and features two straps fastened using two robust, buckles that allow to alter the lenght of the straps. Also the buoyancy of the belt can be adjusted by removing foam segments from the belt and by rearranging their position around the body.

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