Choosing the right table tennis bat

Choosing the right table tennis bat – your guide to the star system

How many stars can a table tennis bat have? How many stars should my own table tennis bat have? If you've just discovered the wonderful world of table tennis, it may be good to get to grips with the star system. Maybe you have a younger child who wants to start playing table tennis, a teenager who is keen on competing in the sport, or you're just after a bat for playing at home or in the office with friends or colleagues. Here we guide you through the star system.

STIGA Table Tennis Bats

STIGA table tennis bats are graded according to a 5-star rating system, whereby 5 signifies the best performance characteristics and 1 signifies a simpler bat. Your choice of bat will depend on your experience and playing level. Here, we explain what the different stars signify and give you examples of bats to help you find the right bat for you.

Hobby/1-star – An easy-to-use table tennis bat for those who are new to the sport. It provides good control without being too fast or giving too much spin. Ideal for leisure games for children and beginners, at home or at school. In this category, you'll find bats such as Impulse Hobby, Evolve and Expand.

2-star – A table tennis bat for those who have gained an interest in the sport and are perhaps keen on playing in a club. This bat provides more speed than the 1-star bat and offers an opportunity to develop your playing technique. In this category, you'll find bats such as Reach, React and Technic.

3-star – A three-star table tennis bat is suitable for those seeking to improve their playing technique and to gain a solid knowledge of the basics. This bat provides more speed while still gives you good control. In this category, you'll find bats such as Future, Future Carbon and Royal 3-star.

4-star – A table tennis bat for those who may already be playing in a club or have been playing for longer. This bat provides high speed and a lot of spin, allowing the average player to further develop their technique. In this category, you'll find bats such as Vision, Vision Carbon and Royal 4-star.

5-star – The best of our ready-made bats. A competition bat for those who consider table tennis to be part of their life. This more advanced bat provides the highest possible speed and spin, which requires a certain technique and experience on the player's part. Our most sophisticated bat in this category is undoubtedly the STIGA Pro Carbon + – a truly offensive 5+2-ply blade comprising 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fibre. In this category you'll also find bats such as Prestige Carbon and Royal 5-star.

STIGA Table Tennis Bats

The higher the star rating of a table tennis bat, the more advanced and faster it is. As such, it offers less control and is therefore more demanding of the player. The more stars a bat has, the more control and playing experience it requires. Here you'll find all of our table tennis bats in the STAR Series – from 1-star to 5-star.